Teslaquila Paloma is a blond beer with a refreshing taste of lime and pink grapefruit, which is found in Paloma, a cocktail usually made with Squirt soda, created in Phoenix (AZ) in 1938.

It is lightly sweetened with an extra dash of agave syrup. Agave syrup is composed mainly of simple sugars, fructose and glucose, in varying proportions depending on the species and maturity of the agaves used, and because of its high fructose content, it has a much lower glycemic index than some honeys and sugar.

Teslaquila Paloma, consumed in moderation, therefore helps you to take care of your weight.

As a reminder, Teslaquila Paloma is not brewed in Mexico and contains neither mezcal nor tequila.


Store your beer in a cool place, without any contact with sunlight or heat source, at a constant temperature.

Start serving Teslaquila Paloma, very cold (about three degrees Celsius), in a very clean glass, at a 45 degree angle and when the glass is half full, gently lift it to pour the beer directly into the glass.

The beer must first flow out in the middle of the rim of the glass to allow it to air, this is what produces the foam; it must reach a thickness of three and four centimetres at the top. Remember that the foam is an important part of the true flavour of your beer.

Swirl the beer slightly, just as you swirl your wine in your glass. This will bring out the nuances and check that the foam holds together, because without the foam, you'd lose what makes your Teslaquila Paloma so tasty and delicious.

Most of the taste comes from the aroma of the beer, so breathe in some of the aroma of Teslaquila Paloma, through your nose to start. Then take a sip, don't swallow right away, let Teslaquila Paloma soak into your palate, walk around and explore your taste buds.

Teslaquila Paloma will have given you the best of itself.